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Did you always dream of earning a graduate degree, but didn’t think you had the time or money to complete it? ENC Online has created online Master of Management degrees, both conducted in two years or less. Now is the time for you to enroll in ENC’s online classes built for your schedule. Our courses deliver high academic quality to ensure you are being prepared for success.

ENC has flexible online classes designed for the working adult who desires to complete a graduate business degree.

Established from the world-class business faculty at ENC, our courses will provide you with the tools to succeed in the marketplace. It will help you better understand sound communication practices, collaboration within multicultural communities, and organizational and individual behaviors. Upon completion, you’ll be prepared to guide, lead, and understand organizations on multiple levels. From corporate settings to individuals, you’ll have the tools to help your team reach its goals.

Eastern Nazarene College’s
Online Master in Management
Program Benefits





Weeks Per Course

Credit Hours

Affordable Tuition

$645 per credit
Student fee
$10 per credit
Textbook fee
$55 per course

Master of Science in Management

With ENC’s Online Master of Science in Management, you’ll not only gain tools to become a more effective leader, but you’ll also gain a better understanding of complex business challenges and how to develop successful solutions.

This program will help you take your leadership skills to a deeper and more powerful level. Students will develop their critical decision-making skills, formulate multi-step strategies for problem-solving, and collect and analyze data.

Master of Science in Management Healthcare Administration

ENC’s Online Master of Science in Management – Healthcare Administration will provide you with the broad knowledge that healthcare leaders need to make strategic decisions and help lead healthcare towards better outcomes.

You will gain tools in management, policy principles and application skills to succeed and serve as innovative change agents and leaders of organizational improvement within your field.


Programs Designed for Working Adults

Heading back to school might seem overwhelming, but with Eastern Nazarene’s Master’s in Management programs, you’ll be able to earn the credential and degree you want without putting life on hold. We’ve designed these online programs specifically for working adults, so you don’t have to change your schedule to earn your degree. Go to class on your schedule.

Set yourself apart with a credential that not only shows knowledge and skill but ethics as well. Earning your degree with Eastern Nazarene means you’ll have the opportunity to learn from a diverse community of students and faculty, with faith at the center.

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